✔ Quality made for you by hand in Italy      ✔ Limited Edition (only 50 pieces of each SVRL item)     ✔ 48-hour free delivery in The Netherlands


Larissa Berrenchina

With her passion for both fashion and the internet, influencer Larissa Berrenchina took a step to fulfill her entrepreneurs dream. She created her own purely digital fashion brand. SVRL is her tribute to the digital generation.

SVRL is a clothing brand that is aimed at the fashion-conscious women who value quality and uniqueness. SVRL stands for the word ‘several’ without vowels. This means that different women can wear SVRL items, but that the love of fashion connects them. SVRL is a digital fashion brand, faced on nowadays’ society. We are inspired by the busy streets of the city, by women who are confident and strong. We are mixing the latest styles with our values to look stunning, stylish and sexy. We radiate feminity in the most possible ways.

Our USPs
An item from SVRL is timeless and becomes the jewel in your closet. You invest in quality, specially made for you by hand. We guarantee products made with the finest fabrics, sleek designs and most perfect fit. SVRL makes limited edition collections. There are only 50 pieces of each item, so you will always have a unique piece of clothing. We also like to save you some stress since your life might already be busy enough. With an item from SVRL you are instantly outfit-ready because of our matching pieces. Do you have no idea which product suits you best? Send us an email and we will give you personal styling advice. When you live in the Netherlands we ship for free and ensure that the product is on your doormat within 48 hours. We are certificated in e-commerce so you can be sure of safe shopping as well. We also care about the
environment, so we use green hosting.

Our customer
You think the streets are the runways of our globe. You know your outfit makes you feel better on the inside. You dress well to stare at your reflection in store windows. You know money never buys happiness, but new clothes come pretty close. ‘I really need new clothes’ was the first thing you thought this morning. You realise you only dress for yourself, and no one else. Can you relate to these situations? Then you are our customer.

✔ Matching pieces                                ✔ Safe and easy shopping                                          ✔ Personal styling advice                                     ✔ Green hosting