✔ Quality made for you by hand in Italy      ✔ Limited Edition (only 50 pieces of each SVRL item)     ✔ 48-hour free delivery in The Netherlands

An item from SVRL is timeless and becomes the jewel in your closet. You invest in quality, specially made for you by hand. We guarantee products made with the finest fabrics, sleek designs and most perfect fit. SVRL makes limited edition collections. There are only 50 pieces of each item, so you will always have a unique piece of clothing. We also like to save you some stress since your life might already be busy enough. With an item from SVRL you are instantly outfit-ready because of our matching pieces. Do you have no idea which product suits you best? Send us an email and we will give you personal styling advice. When you live in the Netherlands we ship for free and ensure that the product is on your doormat within 48 hours. We are certificated in e-commerce so you can be sure of safe shopping as well. We also care about the
environment, so we use green hosting. Happy shopping gorgeous!

XOXO Larissa from SVRL

✔ Matching pieces                                ✔ Safe and easy shopping                                          ✔ Personal styling advice                                     ✔ Green hosting